Nothing meeK About This Bold New Artist

Although the publicity for the show “meeK on Broadway,” [no typo here], was heralded as leaving no room for shame, the faint of heart would have collapsed during  a recent  performance at The Triad Theatre on West 72nd Street, Manhattan.

The spoken word, visual artist and motivational speaker opened her show with a disclaimer that should have prepared us for the onslaught of blushing moments.  But, with a smile and an assuredness unlike most performers who use the “fourth wall” as a tool to hide behind a character, meeK stepped forward and connected with her audience.

Using her voice and eyes, she wove the audience through experiences; hers and those plucked from the audience until everyone in the small intimate theatre was called out, prodded to share and held up lovingly as part of her repertoire of pussy, dick, love, forbearance, dare to stand alone and be counted series.

Born of mixed heritage 38 years ago, she shared with such honesty that her lessons in life did not appear as trite but filled with a rawness that could only be attributed to her honest belief that only through opening up and sharing can one purge oneself of their demons.  At her website she suggests, “not battling our demons but embracing and loving them.”

Be careful of the slightest sound you make while in her presence, you will become fodder for the next words from her mouth. This type of organic creativity begs for an award of the highest caliber.  Veteran humorist, ButtaflySoul paid homage to her artistry with his repartee shared during her audience participatory moments.

After the show she was discovered mingling with theatre guests in the lobby and signing copies of her cd.  She explained that she really wants to turn the focus of her show to the balance she is trying to achieve in life.  “There is a freedom to talk about sex, but it was only one portion of the show.  The major point of the show is about balance, the ying and the yang.  Sexuality is considered a natural part of our human experience.  We should be able to address it freely amongst adults for the purpose of expansion.  The entire night was about expansion; for the audience and me.   I’m kind of where Deepak (Chopra) meets Bernie Mack,” she said as she took turns posing with fans and answering questions.

meeK’s connection to the audience is really by way of her service to God.  Much more than an entertainer, she is an artist flowing through many mediums.  “I’ve come to a place within my performance art that is far more focused on serving God’s purpose for my life.  I am bringing my love to the world through my art and through my effort to be a good person.  Not perfect, but kind and happy, useful and sincere.  I can only bring myself, I’m working on me.  God’s working on me.”

On the surface it appears the theatrical moments are meant to eroticize and tantalize the audience but on closer inspection or rather introspection one realizes they are truly teaching moments.  “I think the proof is in the pudding, the good feelings are part of the transmutation of perspective. It’s about freedom. It’s about learning and talking about things that should be discussed for personal growth,” said the Philadelphia native.  “We’ve all learned something and had a lot of fun. It’s about joy!”

Armed with some college credits, theatrical training and life experience meeK is poised to take on the world and build a conglomerate while doing what she loves. “I am an artist, this is my Dahrma!”

Her claim, “I don’t watch television or reality shows or “keep up” with what’s going on in the world too closely” was surprising as her world is peopled with the everyday struggles in relationships; making them and keeping them.  She quickly followed this up with “it keeps me free to be more authentic” and then it was clear.

When asked “what do you truly think you bring to the world?” she answered, “love and expression, love of God and self, compassion, hope, responsibility to the individual. So many feel suffering that a shift in perspective can alleviate. I want to help us see some things that separate us and reveal an option for healing.”

On her quiet journey to finishing her self-help book “Put the Devil to Shame and Tell the Truth,” the head-turner believes her striking good looks can be a dual edged sword and wants people to focus on her message as she feels strongly that what she has to offer them goes much deeper than her appearance.  She has a palate of projects just waiting to be completed. She claims a publishing deal and is generating a lecture series that addresses addiction.  Her 20-piece fine art collection is seeking sponsorship and her 50secondst is envisioned as a building employing others and bringing their dreams to life.  She has also been blessed with other great opportunities; amongst them, a radio show.  But, for now, she plans to go with the flow and trust God’s will for her life.

Produced by Kimbley Gilchrist of Comfort Zone Productions whose former credits include directing and playwriting.  She did a spectacular job bringing this “one night only” production to the Triad.  This is a “must see” when it next comes to a theatre near you!

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