Attracting Kindness

Since I read and viewed “The Secret” I can’t help but notice all the connections in my life’s travels.  Last Sunday, I drove into New York City to be properly fitted for a bra – Intimacy on Madison Avenue – Hey Raquel, nice fit! After that wonderful experience I strolled down Fifth Avenue and entered the doors of The Neue – Museum for German and Austrian Art.

But this is not about that experience. This is actually about today, a rainy, stormy, power outages throughout Bergen County day, where I decided to brave the weather to do chores; grocery shopping – Stop ‘n Shop in Teaneck, yarn shopping – The Skein Attraction in Teaneck and Laundromat on Cedar Lane.

While doing my laundry and knitting away my fellow laundry mate noticed my handiwork and complimented the coloring and pattern. As we spoke I correctly identified her as Austrian and she told me that she was working on a skirt for next Fall. One thing led to another and she quickly took my work and started to show me the European style of knitting. I had been “throwing” my yarn English style across my needle but under her deft hands my work quickly increased and she taught me her Continental style of knitting.  Worth being out in this deluge from the skies.

Got back into my town – Englewood and street lights were out and detours had been set up by our police and emergency teams.  My complex still show signs of light and so far, still does.

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2 Responses to “Attracting Kindness”

  1. Annette Brent Says:

    Yes I love the unexpected gifts that come across our paths everyday if we just embrace them. You were so generously rewarded for being undaunted by the rain! Wonderful blog post. Thank you.

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