Straddling two parking spots

One of the reasons, I gladly moved “across the bridge,” was to get away from the parking headaches of New York City.

Imagine my chagrin when I encounter it in New Jersey! Okay, so I am dealing with it because there are still plenty of spaces to choose from in any given mall or medical facility – which brings me to my second visit to my physical therapist. The first visit was scheduled at 8am and of course, early bird that I am, I had my pick of the spots in front of the entrance door.  Today’s visit was at 9am and when I got there at 845am, needless to say, every spot was taken except two – one person had parked on the line and so another car would have had difficulty parking and opening their door to get out of the car. The other two spots, the driver on the right was on the line which forced me to be on the line when I parked but still leaving room for the car that would take its place on my left.

So, cars come and go! As I worked out by a window I witnessed a woman parking on the line, straddling two spots!  “OMG!  That is not a good thing,” I exclaimed to my therapist who immediately speculated that the car might belong to a staffmember/manager.  She offered to mention my concern about this blatant disregard for others and I moved on.

 Well I pass an open door on the way to the elevator and lo and behold there is the straddler. I approach her and very sweetly ask her to step outside to speak in privacy. I am sure she thought I was having an issue with therapy, so imagine the look on her face when I mentioned that I saw her park in two spots today. She bristled and said that she has been hit three times and that is why she parks like that.  I quietly appealed to her sense of fairness that others cannot park when she takes up two spots. She brushed my appeal aside, stating, “others, do it too!”  I told her, you should not! I said goodbye and walked away and looked out the window to see if her claim was true. I got into my car and circled the lot.  No! Her car is the only one straddling two spots. Shame on her!  Perhaps, this is the reason why her car has been hit three times!  Hmmmmm???

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