Marketing Lesson Learnt

Author, Jacqueline E. Luckett shares a moment with crowd!

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being in the company of some of Harlem’s literary movers and shakers who turned out for a reading of excerpts from Jacqueline  E. Luckett’s book, “Searching for Tina Turner.”

Terrell Tilford of “The Young and the Restless” was on hand to introduce the celebrity readers and host the reading.  Singer/songwriter Allyson Williams, singer Sarah Dash (formerly of Patti LaBelle and the Bluebells), Broadway diva Marva Hicks, actress Barbara Montgomery shared the triumphs and foibles of  Lena as she struggled to find herself after 25 years of being a wife and mother in a story that draws strength from Tina Turner’s life story.  The excerpts were eloquently read and received an appreciative response from a crowd that clearly delighted in being amongst each other on this cold wintry night.

During the night I met an interesting female marketing executive with whom I exchanged business cards.  She held my card in both hands and in a solemn tone shared an Asian custom that requires that the card be held in both hands and examined before being put away.  “And they expect you to do the same,” she said to me.  Obviously, she had noticed me placing her card into the pile in my hand without a glance.  I, guiltily, raised her card to my eyes and stared at it.

This custom makes sense. Have you ever left an event with a stack of business cards and could not identify whose cards you were looking at?  This is one practice I will put into practice, immediately. Not only will I be able to place the face with the card but it will certainly indicate to the giver that I am interested in having their card because I took the time to read it in their presence.

A very good marketing strategy if you are trying to build meaningful  contacts.

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