Rachelle Ferrell @ Blue Note on Saturday 2/20/10

So, Saturday night I stood on line outside New York City’s ultimate jazz venue, The Blue Note,  to see Rachelle Ferrell – a true child of the universe.   It was cold, and standing in freezing weather without a fur coat – not recommended. By the time my doctor friend finished his shift and pulled up to the club I was ready to thaw out in his Beemer.  So, he spelled me at the front of the line until the doors opened for our entrance.

The club quickly filled up and I even ran into a long-time friend who drove in from Connecticut – hi Deborah!  When Ms. Ferrell took the stage it was like visiting with a childhood friend.  She had the brightest smile and a very playful personality.  She apologized for her voice quality as she had recently had a second bout with laryngitist.  So, with her bundle of tissues and some elixir with which she soothed her raspy throat she sang her way into our hearts and warmed us with her words.

Loving, sharing, caring and true, she performed with a high energy that made us forget that her vocal chords were being stressed.  She tickled her vocals with that whistling quality she is known for and her 7-octave range was still there.

She charmed us with amiable banter; her unique style of introducing her band and their synergy kept the audience engaged even though there were times her volume was extremely low, but her clear ennunciation complete with animated mouth and facial expressions ensured our time and money was well spent.

My friend, an emergency room doctor, had a chance to show off his tenor with Rachelle right from our ringside table. Awesome! We had a great time. Cannot wait to see her again.

Will come back and share song information and backing band names.

One Response to “Rachelle Ferrell @ Blue Note on Saturday 2/20/10”

  1. Charles Russ Says:

    In my view, Ms Ferrel is one of the top five female vocalist of my generation.
    However, her opening performance at the Blue Note on Thursday was disappointing.

    Looking beyond her vocal constraints, I struggled to make sense of the rambling band introduction that seemed to go on forever.

    As for her song selection, we got a feel of what we can expect in her soon to be released album. She also connected with the audience with some classic standards that sort of put things back on track.

    I don’t mean to be too critical, but this performance did not soar, as others have in the past.

    Ms Ferrell shared with the audience that she recorded the song, “America” during a performance at the Trumpet award. That, I cannot wait to see.

    I look forward to seeing Ms Ferrel live – in better health and command.


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